Marketing and promotion servicies, recruitment and training of specialised training dedicated to pharma market

Farmaceutica REMEDIA Distribution & Logistics SRL act as a partner for lunching promotion and distribution of the pharmaceuticals on the Romanian market and Eastern Europe.

What we did

With more then 30 years of pharma experience our group of companies initiated multiple partnership with the international renewed partners of medicaments from the countries as Austria, Germany, Russia, China si South Koreea.

Such projects launched our company in important partnerships on the pharma market reprezenting a warranty of efficient implementation of the new business models in Romania.

What we are doing.

Exprtise, programs and promotion campaign cover both hospital range of rpoducts and retail ones (RX, OTC parapharmaceuticals) in various medical specialities as: ICU, infection deseases, cardiolgy, cardiovascular surgery, general surgery, dermatology, diabetology, epidemiolgy, hematology, wound care family docors, neurology, oncolgy peditrics, trasnplatology

What we will do.

Extended partnerships and consolodation of a strong, and reliable team, adaptable to the continuous changes of the expections of the clients.

Also we will specilise marketing and promotion teams, specilised and dedicated to different terapeutical areas.


We are offering currently integrated marketing and promotion services for the well known pharmaceutical companies on the following therapeutical areas:

  • cardio-vascular and diabetes: GEBRO-PHARMA;
  • dermato-cosmetics: AROMELIA, BENOSTAN, MEDIMAR, NADH;
  • family doctors and paediatrics: ROWA-WAGNER, TRENKA, DOETSCH GRETHER,  CAPRICORN;
  • oncology: ATNAHS;
  • transplant: KOHLER CHEMIE