Promoting and launching innovative pharmaceutical business concepts is our main goal because we believe that healthcare services must be driven to the next level, adapted to the actual, real needs of customers and patients.




We are proud to work for a healthcare company whose products and services make a difference in people’s lives. Our greatest sense of accomplishment comes when we do the right thing. We take personal responsibility. We treat the company’s reputation as our own aiming to make wise use of our time and the company’s resources.

We understand the importance of structural and logical approach of the new operationg models in pharma market sustained by financial, technical and commercial contribution.


We care about people as individuals and promote an inclusive work environment that values, appreciates and leverages diversity. We respect, collaborate, challenge and care about each other. We apply professional and ethical standards at international levels.


We continuously innovate and improve our operating systems. We are responsible in seeking innovative solutions to the challenges of the pharmaceutical market and aim to be better every single time, to progress and learn from others and ourselves how to do things more efficiently and effectively.



We anticipate and address customer challenges and act proactively. We identify innovative solutions in our partnerships, create sustainable competitive advantages and continuously adapt to the demands and expectations of our clients and beneficiaries.


Our goal is to achieve our objectives without any quality compromise, which is why we have implemented a quality management system aligned with the requirements of SR EN ISO: 9001-2015 and 14001:2015.


We are happy to share with all stakeholders information about our developments and the journey towards innovation. Our shareholders and investors are continuously informed through the reporting system in accordance with capital market regulations and international financial reporting standards.