Farmaceutica REMEDIA Distribution & Logistics and TARUS Media have participated to the “Symposium of Clinical Studies” held on October 11, 2019, at the Intercontinental Hotel Bucharest.

The first edition of the Clinical Studies Symposium was held in Bucharest, bringing together 35 speakers from 14 countries – renowned professionals in the field, representatives of international companies leading clinical studies (CRO), from the pharmaceutical drug industry, experienced university staff in clinical research, representatives of the regulatory authorities in Romania and neighboring countries, presidents of the associations of the leading clinical studies companies in Romania and Europe.

The general theme of the event was “Accelerating patient access to innovative medicines” and, during the discussions, topics were addressed such as the operation of studies, legislation and education, the optimization of the approval process for the initiation of clinical studies, with effect on the patient – doctors – budget. of the state, the purpose being to redefine Romania’s place in the hierarchy of conducting clinical studies in Europe.

At the opening of the event, Dr. Diana Păun, State Counselor within the Department of Public Health, said that the number of clinical studies in Romania is low, being eight times smaller than in Germany and five times smaller than in Italy. . “Although access to clinical trials has improved in recent years, there are still challenges regarding access to new drugs and the sustainability of long-term funding. Also, there are administrative barriers regarding the introduction of new drugs, and the gap from registration to their introduction is over 300 days, “said the state councilor.

Dr. Cătălina Poiană, president of the College of Doctors of Bucharest, stressed the importance of organizing such an event for the access of doctors to current information on research and good clinical practices. “Clinical trials are an excellent opportunity for patients to benefit from the latest drugs and investigations, for physicians to be informed about new molecules emerging, as well as for the system, given the opportunity for reduced cost of treatment and investigations. The support of the clinical studies is important and necessary ”, said Dr. Cătălina Poiană.

The symposium, attended by about 200 specialists, was held under the patronage of EUCROF – European Federation of CROs and ACCSCR – Association of Leading Clinical Studies Companies in Romania.

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