Farmaceutica REMEDIA Distribution & Logistics SRL – setup following to the separation of wholesale pharmaceutical activities from the retail ones together with the accompanying logistics and other ancillary services – 100% owned by Farmaceutica REMEDIA SA

Following to legal regulations regarding the separation of wholesale pharmaceutical activities from the retail ones, Farmaceutica REMEDIA S.A. decided to keep the retail activities by oprerating in present 22 own pharmacies and to transfer the wholesale activities together with the accompanying logistics and other ancillary services during 2015 to Farmaceutica REMEDIA Distribution & Logistics SRL – its owned legal entity.

Valentin-Norbert TARUS, the majority shareholder in Farmaceutica REMEDIA S.A. developed starting with 1994 strategic partnerships with big international producers in pharma industry facilitating their success on the Romanian market.

Farmaceutica REMEDIA Distribution & Logistics SRL is specialized in pharmaceuticals wholesale activities, marketing and promotion activities in the healthcare sector, operating the sales through 5 (five) logistic centres by two business lines:

– Distribution Division: sales to more than 2.500 clients, the pharmacies and other distributors
– Hospital Division: sales to the public and private hospitals and clinics


The company is also offering to the pharma market the following services:
– logistic services nationwide diversified for: Bayer, Chiesi, Desitin, GL Pharma, Montavit, Novartis, UCB;
– marketing and promotion services for various companies and therapeutic areas: cardio-vascular and diabetics – Gebro Pharma, dermato-cosmetic – Medimar, Benostan, family medicine and pediatrics – Capricorn, Doetsch Grether, Nano-Repro, Rowa-Wagner, Trenka, transplant – Kohler Chemie;
– registration of pharmaceutical products services: for companies as Klosterfrau, Merz, Santen, a.o.;
– packaging material sales from the international producers Perlen and Aluberg to local manufacturers of pharmaceutical products.

The marketing and promotion activities are also sustained by the publications Bristish Medical Journal-Romanian version since 1998 and Medica Academica since 2009 under the aegis of Academy of Medical Sciences in Romania, and Maedica since 2014.

Also starting with 8.03.2016 Farmaceutica REMEDIA Distribution & Logistics SRL is a registered trademark of Nr. 144199 at the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM)