The 5th edition of the symposium “New legislative changes in the field of public procurement”, was held in Ramnicu Valcea on the 7th of October 2019, brought together professionals from the field of public procurement, economic operators, physicians and hospital managers.

The general theme of the event  “Changes in the field of public procurement”, which enabled discussions on public procurement updates brought by Decision No. 1017 of 20/02/2019 regarding the approval of not only the structure, content and use of standard documentation for the public procurement contract of products but also the way of filling in the participation/simplified participation announcement; risk identification and contracting within the procurement process and subsequent contract; cumulation of products that are considered similar; lotification of the framework agreement/public procurement contract; estimated value –method of determination and justifications; evaluation of price elements that differ much from thos of the market; choice of assigning criteria: the lowest cost, the best “quality-price” and the best “quality-cost” ratio; situations that determine the mandatory application of assigning criteria: the lowest cost, the best quality-price ratio and the best quality-cost ratio; ensuring the traceability of the decision made by the evaluation committee; transparency of the public procurement process; direct acquisition related to the new value thresholds; simplified procedure/open auction initiated by publishing in the new SEAP (SICAP);the way of evaluating offers and assignement of the public procurement framework contract; and subsequent contracts..

The symposium was supported by two experienced speakers in the field of public procurement: Petronela Dionise, a public procurement expert with an experience of seven years as an economic operator and 10 years within ANRMAP (National Authority for Regulation and Monitoring of Public Procurement) and ANAP (National Agency for Public Procurement), and procurement trainer since 2006, who has clarified many of the various issues encountered by the symposium attendants in their daily activity, and

Gabriela Iliescu, an experienced lawyer with a vast practice in the field of public procurement on behalf of both contracting authorities and economic operators, who focused on the relevant provisions of the debated methodological norms and offered punctual answers to the numerous attendants’ questions.

The series of symposiums entitled “New legislative changes in the field of public procurement” started in 2018 and targeted several cities such as Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj Napoca and Timisoara, and will continue in 2020, targeting cities like Baia Mare, Constanta, Brasov and Sibiu.

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