The shareholders of the medicine distributor Farmaceutica Remedia (RMAH) approved, in yesterday’s meeting, the allocation of the amount of almost 4.73 million lei as dividends, according to the company’s report published on the website of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB).

Valentin-Norbert Ţăruş, the founder and general director of Farmaceutica Remedia, expressed his belief that this year too the company will manage to obtain a profit similar to that of the previous years and, consequently, to grant similar dividends, even if Remedia will have to pay a tax of 1% on the turnover.

“I am convinced that in 2024 we will also be able to conclude with a result that is in line with the profit and dividends that we have distributed in previous years. In the last five-six years, Remedia distributed, on average, dividends worth about one million euros. In 2025 we will distribute the dividends on 2024 and I am convinced that we will be able to achieve a similar performance, which means a much greater effort on our part, because this year the governors introduced a 1% turnover tax. If the taxation of profit last year meant something like two million euros, by applying the new taxation system, Remedia, which will achieve a turnover of over 600 million lei this year, will have to pay maybe 6.5 million lei in taxes , which will affect the profit. But I am convinced that Remedia directors will succeed in repeating the performances achieved in previous years”, said Valentin-Norbert Ţăruş, on the occasion of the conference organized by the company.

The unitary dividend approved by the shareholders for this year is 0.05 lei, which, compared to yesterday’s RMAH share price of 0.702 lei, is equivalent to a gross yield of 7.1%. Last year, Farmaceutica Remedia obtained consolidated operating revenues of almost 600 million lei, 11.2% above those of the previous year, and a gross profit of 6.1 million lei, below that of around seven million lei in 2022. For this year, the company proposed investments totaling 14.2 million lei for Farmaceutica Remedia and Farmaceutica Remedia Distribution & Logistics.

At the end of 2023, Valentin-Norbert Ţăruş owned 81% of the company whose stock market valuation amounts to approximately 67 million lei.